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Key Facts

Date and Time

4 June 2019
10:00 am – 1:00 pm


The attendance of the workshops is free of charge if you are registered to SNEC.

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13th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference
Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center

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Workshops @ SNEC: What's Next for Solar & Storage? 360° Review of International Core Markets

EuPD Research invites you to a three-hour workshop within the framework of this year's SNEC. The comprehensive sessions are aimed at all those involved in the storage and solar industry who would like to expand their knowledge to include a global perspective and learn more about international markets.

The workshop is organized by EuPD Research and supported by the German CleanTech Institute (DTCI), the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance (IBESA) and Joint Forces for Solar (JF4S).

Course 1: Energy Storage Market Insights – Europe and Australia

Target Groups
Manufacturers, distributors and system providers from the battery and energy storage industry.

The course is based on EuPD Research’s Global PV InstallerMonitor. This study highlights the core markets from the perspective of the installers – precisely from the point of view of those who have the greatest decision-making power when purchasing energy storage products.

In this workshop the participants will be provided with a holistic picture of key international markets, including Germany, Italy, Austria & Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Australia.

For their successful storage business, the trainees will get to know the installers attitudes and needs regarding this technology. The course will shed light on aspects such as:

  • Procurement
  • Brand buying behaviour
  • Satisfaction for storage solutions

Course 2: Global Analysis of Leading Providers of Residential Energy Storage Systems 2019

Target Groups
Delegates from the battery and energy storage industry, capital investment managers and business consultants

The overall aim of this course is providing high level education to delegates, managers and consultants focussing on worldwide markets, drivers and most important players today and tomorrow. Amongst others, the participants will be provided with a description of the global key sales markets, an analysis of sales channels within these markets as well as an analysis of the buying process of end customers.

In this workshop the trainees will benefit from the following content:

  • Exclusive insights of the global market for residential energy storage systems
  • Understanding of current and futures sales markets as well as mechanism and drivers behind them
  • Analysing the complexity of the buying process of residential energy storage systems
  • Understanding the assessment process including 60 criteria from „product“ and „service features“ to „company“
  • Identification of the top 20 providers and their current positioning in the global sales market for residential energy storage systems
  • Unique cluster formation of providers of residential energy storage systems
  • Knowledge of the top 20 providers according to their future potentials


Leo Ganz as partner of EuPD Research is responsible for Business Development, Strategic Sales, Marketing Consulting and Account Management.

He has extensive expertise and many years of management experience in Sales, Marketing and Communication, predominantly from growth-oriented, publicly listed technology companies. His over 25 years of B-2-B experience he gained in three companies in the IT industry, most recently as Head of Marketing of the Beta Systems Software AG in Berlin, as well as in the Photovoltaic industry as Director of Marketing and Communications at the Q-Cells SE.

Since 2009 Leo Ganz advises and supports companies and clusters in the fields of renewable energies while international business and market development, develops customer and market oriented studies and market intelligence monitors and promotes awards and seals that objectively highlight the best drivers of the energy transition.

Julian Lückerath is a Sales Manager at EuPD Research. After he had received his master’s degree in the field of renewable energies he joined the company at the beginning of 2018 to participate in studies published in regards to energy and photovoltaics.

Furthermore, Julian Lückerath is in close and constant contact with many big manufacturers in the industry and serves as a consultant for business development and market research demand. Julian Lückerath is an host for webinars and other workshops. Last but not least he is an active participant in international fairs, where he consults existing customers and acquires further business contacts.