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Key Facts


16 February 2017
9.30 am – 6.00 pm


Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt »
Unterschweinstiege 16
60549 Frankfurt am Main

European PV and Storage Market: Further Untapped Potential

Despite decreasing installation rates in many European markets, the outlook for renewable energy is not as dim as one might believe. Many countries are setting up support schemes for PV, and markets such as Turkey or the Ukraine promise vast potential. Furthermore, discussions regarding the import taxes may lead to a more open market in the future, which surely should be a benefit for everybody involved in the industry.

In addition, energy storage seems to be the path for the future, as more and more lucrative manufacturers are investing in this new technology. Especially companies from the automotive sector are eager to generate new business with energy storage systems. Especially Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Tesla have been highly active over the last few years. And recently, Volkswagen announced they want to be the market leader over the years to come.

Germany remains the beacon for energy storage, but it will be highly interesting to see which markets will emerge in 2017. The potential for energy storage is vast, however key market intermediaries such as PV installers need to be further made aware of the technology, as they are the main link between manufacturers and customers. Around 75%of all German PV installers already offer energy storage in their portfolio, however this number is rarely reached in other major European markets. The potential is there, it just needs to be tapped into.

Topics and Contents...

  • Drivers and Obstacles for Solar and Energy Storage Industry
  • Opportunities and Challenges for the Residential, Commercial and Utility Segments
  • Market Overview and Forecast 2017/2018 of the Top EU Markets
  • Brand Perception, Procurement and Brand Management for Solar and Energy Storage
  • Investment Environment and Bankability

Receive Answers on...

  • How to do business in 2017/2018?
  • How to Go into the Right Direction and Seperate the Wheat from the Chaff?
  • How to enter and succeed in target markets?
  • How to access and secure sustainable financing & bankability?
  • How to Outshine the Competition?