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Post-EEG Era: Photovoltaic system owners expect grid operators and electricity providers to spring into action

Once again the most recent EuPD Research survey “EndcustomerMonitor” provides in-depth insights into purchase decisions and preferences of photovoltaic (PV) system owners and planners in Germany. More than half of the respondents who have owned a PV system for some time, have already contemplated the post-EEG issues. End customers especially expect information about a continuous use of their PV system from grid operators and energy suppliers.

Bonn. After the expiration of the 20-year state-approved feed-in tariffs regulated in the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG), the first PV system owners are now confronted with the question of how to continue operating their system in the future. For the first systems, the feed-in tariff will end in 2021. Despite the relatively low numbers of PV system installations during the first years of the EEG, by 2025 about 80,000 small PV systems with less than 10 kWp will no longer be covered by the EEG.

Preliminary results of the EndcustomerMonitor 9.0 show that PV system owners expect information and suggestions regarding the future use of their systems after the feed-in tariff expires. Over half of the interviewees, who had installed their PV system before 2010, refer to grid operators or energy suppliers for advice

So far, PV system owners of older PV installations primarily feed the produced electricity directly into the grid. Thus, they are in need of information and opportunities to use their PV system after their feed-in tariff expires. Preliminary research results reveal that PV system owners of older installations desire a new purchase agreement with electricity providers. Others are hoping for a government ruling. Disconnecting a system is barely considered an option.

Bonn based market and economic research company EuPD Research will publish the annual EndcustomerMonitor, which  analyzes the buying behavior of PV system owners and planners as well as current developments and trends, for the 9th time. More established marketing topics such as brand awareness, choice and recommendations for PV modules, inverters and battery storage are core topics in the study. In addition, this year’s research focuses on digitalization and post-EEG.