Top Brand PV Seal


How successful is the brand management of different module, inverter and storage manufacturers? Every year we conduct Europe-wide surveys and prepare an independent evaluation on the perception of many brands. The best brands are awarded the Top Brand PV Seal in different categories.

Recommended by installers

Many quality seals only focus on the technical aspects of solar products, while we, for the "Top Brand PV Seal" award, also investigate the image the brand has on the market. To assess this, we directly ask the experts:  installers in Germany,  Italy, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Furthermore this year we have reached out to installers in the promising markets USA and Australia and qualified Top Brands overseas.

What we evaluate

Based on years of research, EuPD has developed an evaluation model which emphasizes the aspects of successful brand management of solar companies. Ten individual evaluation factors draw a precise picture of the image. We have awarded the Top Brand PV Seal since 2010 to the following product and business areas: modules, inverters, storage technologies and wholesale.

By brand management we understand how a brand develops systematically, how it differentiates itself from competitors and how appealing it is in the eyes of a specific target group. The brand should have an original, specific signature which makes it distinguishable and recognisable, and brings it to life: This includes a broad product and service portfolio that prevails over competition.

Your advantages

The results of our independent analyses increase credibility and create trust among end customers and business partners.

  • The brand image is strengthened on the competitive European market.
  • The brand recognition for potential buyers is increased.
  • The seal can be integrated into any marketing strategy.
  • The communicative support significantly improves brand perception.