To ensure that we can meet both the research and budgetary requirements of our costumers we offer the following databases and research tools:

StoragePrice Tool (Excel-Tool)

Wirtschaftlichkeitsrechner von PV Speichersystemen

Quarterly panel research to measure the price of PV storage on the basis of a standardized survey of installers in Germany. Display collected specific information about the price development of storage solutions in Germany for both Lithium and Lead-acid technologies. Benchmarking your pricing policy and improving your sales network with information on storage systems in the German market. Detecting differences in brand and technology and adapting your strategies accordingly. Find out more here ┬╗

PV SalesMonitor Germany (Excel-Tool)

Wirtschaftlichkeitsrechner von PV Speichersystemen

Monitoring PV System Data in Germany on Regional Brand Level. The Monitor allows the simple access to installed system details, the installed components, and other system-specific variables, aggregated by postal region. With this product, the customer is able to compare recent system prices, locating them across the entire German market. As a result, regional price differences can be detected, allowing the company to adapt the price policy and the sales network. Next to that, this product allows to track the combination of panels and inverters, leaving even more room for an optimization on the part of the manufacturer. A comprehensive benchmark-analysis is therefore easily accomplished on a regular basis. Find out more here┬╗