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Exclusive Services

Our research analysts can provide insight on:

  • How to develop your portfolio in line with global developments: Ensure that your products and services continually resonate with customers
  • How to improve your business: Optimize and secure your market position for the long-term
  • How satisfied your customers are: Build on strengths, eliminate weaknesses, and show you care
  • How to plan with smart energy solutions: Which technologies have the most potential; anticipate future trends in energy storage, e-mobility and more.

The rights to use the findings are reserved exclusively for you. 
In addition to the samples above we also carry out exclusive projects for the public sector, local government authorities and associations. Topics investigated here include:

  • The regulatory frameworks put in place to foster the growth of renewable energies
  • The impact renewable energy investments have on public economies
  • What is needed to keep the renewable energy revolution on track


Our portfolio also includes a number of certification processes e.g. Customer Satisfaction Seal and PV seal. 

Customer Satisfaction Seal

The Customer Satisfaction Seal is awarded to companies who have been rated highly by their customers in a number of categories including product range, pricing policy and communications. Recipients for example are SolarWatt, Sharp and Heckert Solar.

More information on the Customer Satisfaction Seal can be found here.

Top PV Supplier

Top PV Supplier is an independent Management Appraisal of PV Market Wholesalers in Germany, Italy and France based on a Customer and Intermediary Survey. Recipients for example are Energiebau, Krannich, MHH Solartechnik and Frankensolar.

More information on the Top PV Supplier can be found here.

Top Brand PV

The Top Brand PV is awarded to companies who rank highest in extensive surveys among both installers and end-customers. The surveys examine a number of aspects including unaided brand recognition, distribution of a brand as well as the installers’ and end-customers’ preferred choice. Recipients for example are LG Solar, ReneSola, Samil Power, SMA, Sanyo, Schott, SolarWatt, SunPower, Sharp, Trina and Q-Cells.

More information on the The Top Brand PV can be found here.