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Dr. Thomas Olbrecht

Dr. Thomas Olbrecht
Sustainable Research
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We offer

  • Market segmentation and target group analyses
  • Benchmarking and prices analyses
  • Customer satisfaction and retention  
  • Personnel and organizational analyses
  • Marketing research
  • Branding and brand analysis
  • Social Media Research
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Media analyses
  • Customer Insights Tests

Sustainable Research

As the leading market research company in the field of sustainability, EuPD Research draws on unrivaled expertise in ecological, social and economic research and benefits from an extensive network of experts and decision-makers in industries, science and media. 

We offer a wide range of empirical market and social research instruments. We develop methods tailored specifically to our customers' requirements, whether it is a qualitative study, a comprehensive quantitative survey, content-analytical evaluation of material or a mixture of many different methods. By placing great emphasis on working effectively and efficiently, we ensure that customers get maximum return on their research investment. 

See how we put this into practice in the sector of Smart Energy.