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Martin Ammon
Smart Energy
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Smart Energy

As one of the most innovative and fast-paced sectors of our time, Smart Energy encompasses new ways of generating energy, innovative technologies for storing and deploying energy as well as numerous ground-breaking products and services that enable a more efficient, cleaner and optimized use of resources. 

  • Solar Energy

    Solar energy technologies include solar photovoltaics , solar thermal and concentrated solar power (CSP). We keep our customers up-to-date on their competitive environment by providing insight on issues including manufacturer capacities, installer perspectives e.g. on price trends and brand perceptions as well as distribution channels. 

  • Biomass

    Biomass is biological material taken from living, or recently living organisms. Examples of biomass fuels include wood, crops and landfill gases. In addition to analyzing the economic viability of biomass installations, we provide information on the latest trends and technologies, and examine the role of biomass in the energy mix of the future. 

  • Smart Energy

    Smart energy incorporates the fields of smart grids, smart meters, energy storage and other novel technologies that will lead to more efficient use of our resources. We look at consumer consumption and investigate which technologies can best manage to deliver cost-effective energy in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

  • E-mobility

    E-mobility tops the agenda in debates on the future of transport. The automobile industry is responding to the call for cleaner vehicles by producing battery electric vehicles. Our research analysts investigate a number of aspects current to the discussion including the impact e-mobility has on local infrastructure and explores innovative ways of making electric vehicles more attractive to consumers and businesses. 

  • Hydropower

    Hydropower, probably the most established source of renewable energy, refers to the power obtained from moving water. Our work here includes an analysis of the economic impact of water power installations on the German industry taking into account the main value creation steps for water turbines and components.

  • Wind Power

    Wind power involves the conversion of wind energy into electricity with the aid of, for example, wind turbines and wind power systems. In addition to tracking developments in this sector, we also examine the direct marketing potential of wind power and have devised a business model for its successful implementation. 

Our market intelligence and expertise has been instrumental in contributing to the design and delivery of cutting edge solutions.
We have carried out over 2,000 research projects in the energy sector alone on topics including:

    • Industry analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Benchmarking & competitive analyses
    • Due diligences
    • Price analysis
    • Sales channel analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction analysis
    • Brand analysis
    • Scenario analysis & forecasts
    • Certification