Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO EuPD Research

“We strive for a world where industries, companies and individuals take action to ensure the economic, ecological and socially responsible management of our resources. The market leaders of the future are those who invest in their people, technologies and services, today.

Markus A.W. Hoehner,
CEO & Founder, EuPD Research


Our mission is to deliver market intelligence that alleviates decision-making, assists in priority setting and facilitates strategy finding processes. 

A renowned and experienced market researcher in the sustainable business sector we

  • gather first rate data and employ tried and tested research methodologies in its analysis
  • deliver high-integrity market intelligence 
  • champion the fundamentals of sustainable business practices. 

EPC Monitor

EPC Monitor

How to optimize your sales channels activities: We examine the all-important group of market intermediaries in the most vital North American photovoltaic markets: the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies. As these market participants are positioned between manufacturers and end customers, they are very familiar with the requirements of end customers, which enable them to detect customer trends at an early stage.

Principles of Sustainability

We believe that bringing about profound change which is of benefit to the environment, our business and society requires strategies and business practices that adhere to the principles of sustainability. 

  • Environmental Sustainability

    To get the most out of the resources we tap into without exploiting them and facilitate their replenishment by practicing caution in their use and promoting awareness of their value. 

  • Economic Sustainability

    To support value creation, economic prosperity and continuous success for our customers, their shareholders and employees by consistently listening and responding to their needs.

  • Social Sustainability

    To contribute to a better way of life for our customers, partners, employees and society as a whole by living social responsibility and upholding equality.