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Knowledge is Power

  • EuPD Research is the leading market intelligence company in the sustainable business sector.

    We pride ourselves on compiling data specific to your requirements, applying rigorous methodologies and critical thinking as well as deep and diverse industry insight to deliver products that add measureable value to your bottom line, and, embody the principles of sustainability.

    Founded in 2000 and part of the Hoehner Research and Consulting Group, our international presence enables us to analyze markets, industries and stakeholders closely and accurately as well as providing proximity to our customers.

    Our customers come from a multitude of backgrounds including CleanTech with particular focus on renewable and smart energy as well as enterprises and public institutions that strive for sustainable excellence and practice sustainable management.

  • Our commitment and dedication to securing the role of renewable energies in the energy mix of the future has shown us that success goes beyond the generation of green profit. Investing in the well-being of employees and promoting sustainable business practices sees the transfer of the strategies we implement to better our environment to the way we run companies and conduct business. 

    Bringing together the brainpower of over 100 research analysts and industry experts from around the globe, our cutting-edge research portfolio ensures that your business is and remains one step ahead of the competition.